Sunday, July 6, 2008

Changing blogs!!

Due to some recent unforseen events, I will now be doing all my blogging at my new blog:

Friday, June 27, 2008

Random shots

"Mommy, please let me out!"

walking in her favorite activity

I love the way she looks when she's asleep

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Campout 2008

On June 20, 2008, my group of high school friends and I had a big campout. We are all going to be scattering for grad school and such soon, and thought it might be the last chance we'll have to do something like this. Unfortunately, my friend Audrei, and Matt couldn't come, so we were missing two (which is the reason we have loosely planned to do this again in 2 years.

So we had me and Erin, Telima and Tyler and their two kids, Katy and Jayson, Marc and his wife Ingrid, and Jared in attendence. We went up to a camp ground in Provo Canyon and basically just hung out for 2 days. It was really fun! It was good to just spend time hanging out with my old friends (especially Telima). Recently all the visits we've had have been really rushed and short.

I really missed Matt and Audrei though. They both had really good reasons for not coming, but I really wish that they could have. *sigh*

Anyway, pictures!!

Jayson was missing his hat, so I put Erin's on him.

Erin walking around

The view from our campground

Me with the kids (and Jared in the background, starting dinner)Erin giving Jayson kisses and climbing on him

Erin actually crawling!

Our fire's very pitiful startings. Until they realized that I had brought newspaper.
The sunset view from the campground

Marc the fire man

Katy's very dirty face (she had been eating dirt)

Jared, Marc, Ingrid, and Tyler

A s'more for Audrei
Telima burning her Biochemistry book that she hated and couldn't sell back. They've back this thing around for almost 3 years now.
Playing SkipBo pairs. Marc and Telima won. (Telima and Tyler, and Marc and Ingrid wanted to sit next to each other rather than be pairs with each other).

The kewl group of caterpillars masquerading as a knot on the trunk of the tree. They migrated together, so it was a traveling knot.
This is how Erin took her nap

And the entire group, from left to right: Jared, me holding sleeping Erin, Ingrid, Marc, Telima holding Katy, Tyler holding Jayson

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Talk about flexibility!!

I put Erin in her pack&play this morning so she could take a nap and I could take a shower. She wasn't ready to sleep, but I took a shower anyway.

Well, this is what she looked like when came back out into the front room.

Birthday party #2

After cousin Marcus was blessed, Aunt Adrienne had a barbeque, and threw a little party for Erin. Grandpa and Grandma Hill were there, along with Aunt Nyssa and Uncle Zac. Aunt Kim even dropped by (she was in Salt Lake, coincidentally), with Fred. It was a lot of fun to watch her open presents!

Opening the present from Aunt Kim (two books "Blueberries for Sal" and "Snow Day," and an adorable turtle hat.)

NOT liking the adorable hat!

Wind-up bath toys from Fred (which she LOVES, even though she doesn't look too enthusiastic here)

Tearing the paper off Aunt Adrienne's present (A cookie jar shape sorter)

Finding her lost purple duckie in the present from Grandma and Grandpa

The purse from Grandma and Grandpa (who also gave her 3 outfits)

The cake

Eating the cake

THANK YOU Aunt Adrienne!!

Birthday present from Mom and Dad

Matt and I decided that since one of Erin's favorite activities is walking around while holding fingers, that we might as well get her a walker for her birthday. She LOVES it!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Erin's birthday

For Erin's birthday, we had a bbq at a friend's house and she got her very own chocolate cake. She loved it!

We also got her a walker for her present, which she also Walking is her favorite thing.